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don't forget me, look at my pictures
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Sat Aug 27 15:22:55cassowaryle mot de la fin
Sat Aug 27 16:30:55KiKicassowary>> ah non-non, je vais pas vous laisser le mot de la faim !

au fait, pour ceux qui en doutent encore, je suis bel et bien rentre en un seul morceau :D
Mon Aug 29 15:35:35PuceEt alors, comme t'es de retour, ça signifie la fin du chat je pense? Dommage! C'était sympa!
Tue Aug 30 21:40:55titouan???

Sat Sep 3 16:57:39shoukimoi je propose qu'il reste quand mm ce chat :)
Thu Sep 8 10:04:51cassowaryouais, même si maintenant on va encore moins penser à aller dessus...
Wed Sep 21 0:08:22KiKiNews:
[FRENCH: Il y aura pas de version françaises puisque vous avez tous appris l'anglais durant les 6 derniers mois avec mes spam ;)]

Here is my last mass mailing. I came back home almost one month ago and have been pretty busy all this time. So as you probably know a party was held for my come back. And now is time to show you some of them to finally close my website.

For those of you who missed some parts, i'd like to repeat that i spent six months in two beautifull countries with extraordinary people. I discover and learnt a lot of things during this trip and even maybe a bit of english ;)

So i'd like to thanks everybody who spent time with me during this period. And everybody who where not with me, as well, and gave me a reason to come back.

I'd like to thank especially the one who offer me a flat in the city (when i've been kicked out of my host family's house) and with who I spent many delicious lunch on the beach. I was always pleased to share classroom, ferries and flatmates with you.

The first korean guy who speaked to me is thanked as well. I hope you'll be able to go back to your country by cruise as you wished. And i thank you for all stuff you taught me. (what strange korean games ! ;)

The spanish guy who eat so many Pad Tai with me will always be welcome to have a quick pee in my bathroom if he can run from his home to mine.

I have to thank the japanese guy who make me try oysters when we passed the Cambridge exam. Such a crazy guy ! I like that ;)

The one i couldn't meet somewhere else than in Australia and who shared lots of drinks and movies with me. Tedieu le châlet !

When I'll want to laugh I'll just have to remember this guy eating thaï food. - Do you need more spices ? Are you really Thaï ?

I'd like to thanks as well these strange guys in a strange house. They drove me around Cairns and hosted me as a prince in their paradise. Thank you very much for everything.

I thank as well the one who can sleep more than me (!!!) and is able to celebrate Christmas in August. I had a place to sleep after New Zealand because you found one for me. So big thanks, cuz sleeping is important !

Finally i want to thank (again) those who made this trip possible.

These six months were definitely incredible !

Let's see some pictures:

and leave me a last message:

I'm glad to meet you again.
I miss you already.

KiKi - Itsudemosobaniiterukara ;)
Wed Sep 21 0:54:48chrisk[ENGLISH]
Yeah, we definitely learnt english with your so called spam :). So this will be my last (of admittedly quite few) messages posted here.

The KIKICOMEBACKANNI party was fun and I enjoyed seeing you again. But I'm thinking maybe you should keep this spamming going on for some time, even if the pictures aren't from the bottom of the world, it was always fun watching them with their funny (and sometimes awfully stupid) comments ;) !

Anyway, you seem to be much more thankful to the people who sent you there now than you were before leaving (quoting from memory: "Ca me fait chier de partir 6 mois en Australie, c'est trop long !!"). So, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and thank you for that nice feedback, I enjoyed that too !

Have fun.

PS. Salut à tous ceux que j'ai vu à la fête à Kiki et dont je me souvient plus le nom :P !!
Vu que tu as remercié tout le monde, je tient à te remercier pour ta KIKIRETOURFETE qui a été bien sympathique et pour l'hébergement après et pour l'amenage au bus de bonheur et enfin pour les superbes photos dont celle qui me met particulièrement en valeur. Au plaisir de se boire des verres ensembles un de ces 4.
Au fait ça va ton boulot ?
Wed Sep 21 8:47:35PuceWell, well, my dear Kiki, everything has an end, and unfortunately also this chat! That's a pity! It was good fun getting news from Down under, it made it a bit easier for me when I was back in Switzerland while you were still enjoying that beautiful country with the crazy people. But the craziest thing about all this is that you have to travel to the other side of the world to meet crazy people who almost live next door, no? ;) I'm happy that you had an unforgettable time in OZ and that I could share some of these moments with you. Welcome back to Switzerland..... and see you soon! P.S. Thanks for a funny party where I had the chance to meet some of the people which I kind of knew already beacause you told me things about them (only good stuff!!!)...It's always good to see a face that matches with a story!
Wed Sep 21 11:27:01manonAs everyone is speaking english, I think I will have to do like everybody... So I'm happy you came back and that you had a great time. I'm also happy that you tasted korean food, I finally have someone to talk about with!!
I hope you're not too sad that you had to came back, but remember work is for money and money is for travelling!!
I had a nice time to read you and your mates and to look at your pictures.
Don't forget to send my some by post so I can sell them very expensively!
Take care and see you all.
Fri Sep 23 14:43:26SDFSoit le bien revenu parmi les tiens et encore félicitations pour ce voyage, car tu as eu la chance et le courage de partir et ensuite la volonté de revenir :P dans ce pays d'hiver et d'ivresse et de divers Yves Rais. (bon, je ferais mieux comme jeu de mot laid la prochaine fois...)
Bonne fête des des vents d'anges (moi je bosse :( ) et vivement la prochaine KIKIPARTY!!!

PEACE and LOVE all around the world!
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